Ok so its been a while since I remembered to update this, about 6 months infact and almost a year since I started this and to be honest its been quite a 6 months…

Since then I discovered that Ness and I are having a baby (due in just over a month, scary times) and we are buying a house at the moment so waiting for all the surveys, reports, checks and things to sign to slowly trickle through!

Its also my birthday, which means today I turned 29 and theres one more year until I’m 30, so time to check out those ‘10 things to do before I’m 30‘ and see what I have done;

  1. Take up archery Done and decided not to carry on, it was fun so maybe I will take it up properly when I can buy all the stuff
  2. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
  3. Learn to Suba dive (and maybe face my supposed fear of sharks)
  4. Get fit, do some sort of marathon Spent most of the year in physio with my knee, better luck next time I suppose
  5. Learn another language (more than ‘bonjour’, ‘oui’ and ‘un, deux, trios’)
  6. Pick up Photography lessons
  7. Visit Scotland and Ireland – they are right there and Ive not been so why not
  8. Buy a house Currently sorting that one
  9. Drive a car which turns heads (for the right reasons) even if its rented for the weekend
  10. Retire when I’m 30 (hmmm, this one may be tricky but you never know)

Ok so 1 and a half / 2 isnt too bad I suppose… it just means I have more left to do over the next 12 months! And as I didnt do that much of last years list I may as well make it up to ’10 things’ again;

  1. Buy a house (Ok this is cheating but as its not done yet I call no foul)
  2. Get fit, do some sort of marathon (or maybe just jog around the park)
  3. Learn another language (more than ‘bonjour’, ‘oui’ and ‘un, deux, trios’)
  4. Take Photography lessons
  5. Visit Scotland and / or Ireland (trips away cost so visiting one of them will so)
  6. Start cooking more and cooking more adventurously
  7. Consider saving for when I’m old #yawn
  8. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
  9. Visit another Country (Not Scotland or Ireland)
  10. Once done (hopefully most if not all) the other 9 plan 10 more things to do after I’m 30, as for 30 is just the beginning!

As you may have noticed I took out most of the expensive stuff as I am reliably told babies are a pretty hefty investment, plus retiring at 30 would never happen anyway, even if I won the Euro Millions… I just hope this time next year I’m not just ticking off a couple of points from that list!

As a young Mathew Broderick once said as Ferris Beuller…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”