Got back from a long day at London FIlm & Comic Con yesterday, 6:30 train from Chester getting to Earls Court for about 09:40.

So what can I say about my first London Convention, well firstly it was hot, really hot, and packed out, really packed out which together meant an at times unbearable heat!

Really felt sorry for some of the cosplayers, especially those wearing full on body suits and helmets such as War Machine, a number of Power Rangers, a small force of Mandalorian Warriors and an amazing Chewbacca cosplayer!

Optimus Prime

Oh and I never mentioned Optimus Prime who parked outside with Bumblebee.

What I learnt from my first experience is if at all possible Pre-book passes for any and all photo shoots you want to do and expect to have to take a queue ticket to meet some of your favourite stars as between me and my sister I had to pass on seeing Edward James Olomos and Jamie Bamber.

I did get to meet and get autographs with Scifi legends David Hewlett and Dominic Keating who played Dr Rhodney McKay on Stargate Atlantis and Lt Malcolm Reed on Enterprise who were both fun to talk to.

Also got to meet and get my photo with childhood hero David Yost who played Billy the Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger but wish I had made the time to at least get autographs from Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy who played Bulk and Skull on not only Mighty Morphin but for years afterward. Maybe another time.

Away from the guests there was much to see, plenty of toys and collectables, some very old and some shiny and new and a highlight of the day was “flying” the Tardis with my sister before running into a couple of friends from the world of the internet including Andy (who was suited up as the Green Time Force Power Ranger) and Sian minus her usual Green Ranger costume [update, check out her new Facebook page Green Ranger Girl’s Morphenomenal Cosplay Adventures] and Stu who runs Mecha Imports specialising in Japanese Sentai Mecha (Check out his site as well as the Mecha Imports Facebook page) but has an interest in Transformers and a whole host of robot related related characters.

So lessons learned and a new convention challenge; aim to collect the signatures from a cast member who played one of the main five Power Rangers, so thats one down leaving four to go next target being Steve Cardenas who played Rocky the second Red Ranger who will be at Wrexham in November.

One to finish off, an extra highlight of the day running into yet another childhood hero and cartoon favourite, Raphael the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle.