Spent another evening trying to hit a target with a bow and arrow, this time a slightly further target at 20 feet but a better bow. This week it was the turn of the recurve bow which we first had to learn to put together ourselves before loosing arrows. We will be using these bows for the rest of the course (or at least the next few weeks), so next week I get to use bow no 23 again, which should be easy to remember as its one of my lucky numbers…lets hope its a luckier bow than it is a lottery ball number!

Early during the first hour one of the instructors explained how to score the targets, at that point me a Charlie started some brother/sister rivalry and started keeping count during each round. It actually worked out pretty evenly although I think she may have been slightly in the lead (although if you talk to her she will tell you I won, nice that both of us are so modest).

So Robin Hood I’m not but its only the second week of doing it, theres only been 4 hours so far and practice makes perfect. The recurve shot much nicer than the bare bow, which you would expect as even though they are basic Olympic style bows they are still much better than the training bows last week and even came with a sight. I learnt that I need to pull the arrow back using my back muscles instead of my shoulder which will bring about a smoother more consistent draw and so shot and that when I get it right I can get some pretty good hits on the target.

Next week will start properly scoring, which should be interesting especially as some of the others are getting some good, consistent groupings.