I have that other blog on my portfolio / CV site and decided I want something a bit more personal…so here we go.

It was my birthday last week and turning 28 means one thing, being constantly reminded that there are 24 months (less now) until I am 30!

Now turning 28 is no big thing really and its nothing to go on about, it does make you think back that it was 10 years since you hit 18. My 18th coincided with a black tie party where I worked at the time, MBNA Bank, which was held at the Chester Racecourse and included casually chatting to a 4 Star US General who was one of the big bosses at the time (and to any Villa fans out there you weren’t the first to refer to him simply as ‘The General’).

The last 10 years have been filled with different things, I went to College (more than once to do various courses), spent time working for a couple of interesting companies, graduated from University with a 2:1 and moved out of home (and then back again to save to buy).

I’m told that the next two years must be filled with ‘bucket list’ adventures as obviously once you hit that big three-zero then it must be too late…at any rate heres my 10 things, in no particular order.

  1. Take up archery
  2. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
  3. Learn to Suba dive (and maybe face my supposed fear of sharks)
  4. Get fit, do some sort of marathon
  5. Learn another language (more than ‘bonjour’, ‘oui’ and ‘un, deux, trios’)
  6. Pick up Photography lessons
  7. Visit Scotland and Ireland – they are right there and Ive not been so why not
  8. Buy a house
  9. Drive a car which turns heads (for the right reasons) even if its rented for the weekend
  10. Retire when I’m 30 (hmmm, this one may be tricky but you never know)

I will probably add / change some of these as we go along, I would like to put together a ’30 things before I’m 30′ list but thats being optimistic so for now its 10.

Not to rest on my heels I have already started with a beginners archery course last night.

First impressions were enjoyable, shooting a bare bow (thats a basic bow with no sight or any fancy bits) and getting used to drawing and shooting arrows. While getting some good groupings I did manage to clip the edge of the target at one point sending the arrow off down the field and into a bush, luckily it was easily found!

Thats all for now, if you have any ideas for my 24 month countdown list why not add a comment or tweet me @mynameschris