With the upcoming release of the LEGO Batman Movie LEGO have since January 1st began to roll out their sets to coincide with the movies release including a Batman themed Collectible Minifigure Series.

Initially you could only find these in stock at LEGO stores but they have started to appear in the last few days in shops like Asda, Smyths and Toys R Us.

For anyone unaware of the Collectible Minifigures by LEGO they are a series of blind bag figures, coming from a range of different themes including Knights, Pirates, Spacemen, City as well as food and animal based “Mascot” figures.  They have also designed these sets round a specific theme such as Mosnsters (great for Halloween), Disney, The LEGO Movie and now The Batman LEGO Movie.

The series contains the largest number of minifigs to date at 20 to collect, and with the anticipation of the movies cinema release on 9 February 2017 is with the  is probably one of the most eagerly awaited sets of 2017.

LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures 71017 Leaflet Front

Within each blind bag you get one minifigure and a leaflet which serves as a checklist for all the characters in the series which is helpful for trying to ID figures by feeling for accessories.

LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures 71017 Leaflet Back

On the reverse side we can see instructions on how to put three of the figures together (Red Hood, Glam Metal Batman and Fairy Batman) as well as an advert suggesting we visit the LEGO Batman Movie Website .

At the bottom their is also a silhouette of a Minifig teasing the next Minifigure Series, likely to be Series 17 which will be released around May.

This leaflet displays a “Limited Edition” label which after seeing how quickly the Disney figures sold out (and after their increase in value on the second hand seller market through Facebook selling pages and Ebay) that LEGO expect that this series may also sell out rather quickly (so you have been warned).

Onto the figures, with 20 to collect and coming in boxes of 60 it has been confirmed that their will (or at least should) be 3 of each figure per box. This makes for finding the figure(s) you want easier in at least stores who put them on the shelves in the display box.

The 20 figures are;

  1. Lobster-Lovin’ Batman
  2. Glam Metal Batman
  3. Fairy Batman
  4. Clan of the Cave Batman
  5. Vacation Batman
  6. Barbara Gordon
  7. Commissioner Gordon
  8. Arkham Asylum Joker
  9. Dick Grayson
  10. Pink Power Batgirl
  11. Red Hood
  12. Eraser
  13. Nurse Harley Quinn
  14. Orca
  15. Zodiac Master
  16. Catman
  17. March Harriet
  18. Calculator
  19. King Tut
  20. Mime

This will probably be the first Minifigure Series I collect all of as I only started collecting these types of LEGO figure before Christmas to try and get all of the Disney ones for my girls and the past series I have picked up a couple which I really liked. As everyone likes top pick lists here is my must haves (as well as the ones I might double up on)

Vacation Batman

LEGO Vacation Batman
Who wouldn’t like Batman with a Rubber Duck ring! I definitely want to get more of one of him as he will make for a great funny holiday photo prop and generally a fun figure to have with the masked rubber duck (wouldn’t be surprised to see the mould re-appear in a City set in the not too distant future) and the goggled mask. This should be one of the easiest Batman figures to feel through the bag alongside Lobster Lovin Batman and Glam Rock due to the larger accessories.

Pink Power Batgirl

LEGO Pink Power Batgirl

While not as random as the Fairy Batman who also comes in pink this Batgirl should hopefully be a great inspiration to girl LEGO fans and show them they can be a kick ass hero as well as still enjoy wearing pink girly clothes. She has an alternate face (which not many CMF’s have), a shiny pink cape, a pink batarang which is a first and her new hairpiece which would be great for anyone who is looking for different Minifig parts for building custom figures. I’m planning on getting one each of these for my girls as my eldest enjoys playing with Superhero Minifigs so it will be great to have a girly one to go along with the likes of Spider-Man (which right now is her favourite).

Nurse Harley Quinn

LEGO Nurse Harley Quinn

Adding to the roster of girls from the LEGO Batman Movie is this Harley Quinn dressed as an Arkham Asylum Nurse (similar to that of the Arkham Asylum video game). With her red and black pig tailed hair piece with Nurses hat to the tile with “H&J” scribbled on the Jokers file I would argue that this is possibly the best figure of the series and rounds out my top 3.

Honourable mentions would have to include Lobster Lovin Batman who was central to the early trailers, Dick Grayson who for the Shark Repellant cannister… I could go on as even the lesser interesting (least to me) figures like King Tut are must haves (though this could be the Batman effect.

Obviously they have padded this set out with some rather C or even D list villains this Series is pretty strong. Being able to get characters like Commissioner Gordon or Arkham Joker cheaply should never be considered a bad thing especially when trying to add to your child’s collection without needing the expensive Arkham set for the Joker. With characters like Red Hood, 2 versions of Barbara Gordon and that gorgeous Harley and thats before we consider 5 completely random Batman figures its an easy trade off for the more obscure character like Orca, Mime or Eraser.

At £2.99 (or £2.50 for the time being at Asda) these are a nice way to treat your child to a new LEGO Batman toy (and lets be honest these are still aimed at children despite being “collectible”) for getting a good school report or even just to keep them happy while doing the weekly shop!

So what is your favourite? Are you going to collect all of them, just a few or none at all? Let me know in the comments!