The Birthday Haul – Friends and Family Keeping my Inner Child Alive

I am officially 30, which according to some means I am officially old… Which is strange seeming my rather epic birthday haul which included a limited edition copy of Arkham Origins which included a statue of Batman shaking down Joker, Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Lego and a Raphael TMNT Beenie Ball to name just three of my presents from rather generous friends and family who know me all too well!

30th birthday haul

So now for the first time in at least 20 something years its time to get building Lego… Who ya gonna call?

First Day on the New Job

First day of a new job today with Webtise, big step up from working at Creative play for the last year.

So far so good, people seem nice and the Magento team has a good amount of talent and skill on board with both a Front and Back End Developer as well as a database/setup expert… I just hope I live up to expectations!

Two big changes in less than two weeks, first the birth of Evie and now starting a new working adventure a week later!

New life…

After nearly 9 months of worry, excitement and patient waiting (well on my part anyway) I am relieved to say that my gorgeous little girl has entered the world!

Cords were cut, cuddles were had (a few tears were shed) and Mummy and Baby are doing well… Now its time to have a quick shower and back to the hospital to introduce the parents to their first Grandchild and the little Sister to her Niece.

Ok so its been a while…

Ok so its been a while since I remembered to update this, about 6 months infact and almost a year since I started this and to be honest its been quite a 6 months…

Since then I discovered that Ness and I are having a baby (due in just over a month, scary times) and we are buying a house at the moment so waiting for all the surveys, reports, checks and things to sign to slowly trickle through!

Its also my birthday, which means today I turned 29 and theres one more year until I’m 30, so time to check out those ‘10 things to do before I’m 30‘ and see what I have done;

  1. Take up archery Done and decided not to carry on, it was fun so maybe I will take it up properly when I can buy all the stuff
  2. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
  3. Learn to Suba dive (and maybe face my supposed fear of sharks)
  4. Get fit, do some sort of marathon Spent most of the year in physio with my knee, better luck next time I suppose
  5. Learn another language (more than ‘bonjour’, ‘oui’ and ‘un, deux, trios’)
  6. Pick up Photography lessons
  7. Visit Scotland and Ireland – they are right there and Ive not been so why not
  8. Buy a house Currently sorting that one
  9. Drive a car which turns heads (for the right reasons) even if its rented for the weekend
  10. Retire when I’m 30 (hmmm, this one may be tricky but you never know)

Ok so 1 and a half / 2 isnt too bad I suppose… it just means I have more left to do over the next 12 months! And as I didnt do that much of last years list I may as well make it up to ’10 things’ again;

  1. Buy a house (Ok this is cheating but as its not done yet I call no foul)
  2. Get fit, do some sort of marathon (or maybe just jog around the park)
  3. Learn another language (more than ‘bonjour’, ‘oui’ and ‘un, deux, trios’)
  4. Take Photography lessons
  5. Visit Scotland and / or Ireland (trips away cost so visiting one of them will so)
  6. Start cooking more and cooking more adventurously
  7. Consider saving for when I’m old #yawn
  8. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
  9. Once done (hopefully most if not all) the other 9 plan 10 more things to do after I’m 30, as for 30 is just the beginning!

As you may have noticed I took out most of the expensive stuff as I am reliably told babies are a pretty hefty investment, plus retiring at 30 would never happen anyway, even if I won the Euro Millions… I just hope this time next year I’m not just ticking off a couple of points from that list!

As a young Mathew Broderick once said as Ferris Beuller…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Happy New Year

This is my year post… there may be many like it, but this one is mine =]

When one year comes to an end and another begins you start thinking about what you have done that year and what you plan to in the one to come, almost like my ‘10 things to do before I turn 30‘ bucket list.

So in 2012 I have:

  • Moved back in with parents so I can save to buy instead of renting (Thanks Mum, Dad and little sister Charlie)
  • Started a new job
  • Turned 28 … great a year and a half till 30! Better get moving on that bucket list!
  • Went to my first ever Stag weekend (yeh 28 and had never been to one sue me)
  • Went on proper week long holiday for the first time since 2009
  • Unfortunately I also:
  • Had my car terminally break down coming off the M56, wouldn’t advise anyone to do that

In 2013 I will:

  • Buy a house … very soon I hope
  • Buy a newer, much more reliable and Ness friendly car (no more old Fiesta’s)
  • Do more fun and varied freelance projects
  • Get fit and accomplish some sort of event, maybe even for a charity
  • Attend not one but three weddings (that I know of so far)
  • Finish off the pet design projects I have on my list

Looking forward to what is to come in 2013, happy new year everyone!

Im not quite Robin Hood

Spent another evening trying to hit a target with a bow and arrow, this time a slightly further target at 20 feet but a better bow. This week it was the turn of the recurve bow which we first had to learn to put together ourselves before loosing arrows. We will be using these bows for the rest of the course (or at least the next few weeks), so next week I get to use bow no 23 again, which should be easy to remember as its one of my lucky numbers…lets hope its a luckier bow than it is a lottery ball number!

Early during the first hour one of the instructors explained how to score the targets, at that point me a Charlie started some brother/sister rivalry and started keeping count during each round. It actually worked out pretty evenly although I think she may have been slightly in the lead (although if you talk to her she will tell you I won, nice that both of us are so modest).

So Robin Hood I’m not but its only the second week of doing it, theres only been 4 hours so far and practice makes perfect. The recurve shot much nicer than the bare bow, which you would expect as even though they are basic Olympic style bows they are still much better than the training bows last week and even came with a sight. I learnt that I need to pull the arrow back using my back muscles instead of my shoulder which will bring about a smoother more consistent draw and so shot and that when I get it right I can get some pretty good hits on the target.

Next week will start properly scoring, which should be interesting especially as some of the others are getting some good, consistent groupings.

Friday 13th and One Week Untill The Dark Knight Rises

Its Friday 13th, which means today is one of those days where the more superstitious amongst us will be extra careful when walking near ladders, not crossing the path of cats no matter the colour and making sure not to smash any reflective surfaces.

To the rest of us its Friday, welcome to the weekend!

There is also one week left until the release of one of the most anticipated movies of the year, the third and final installment of the Batman Begins trilogy. Eagerly awaited since the closing closing scenes of the last film, The Dark Knight, this years follow up The Dark Knight Rises will be an end of the saga with Director Christopher Nolan and current man behind the cowl Christian Bale stepping aside.

My current Mac desktop is one of the imaginative Bat signal posters based on the early teaser trailer.

My Desktop 13th July - Dark Knight RIses


Hi there and welcome to my blog

I have that other blog on my portfolio / CV site and decided I want something a bit more personal…so here we go.

It was my birthday last week and turning 28 means one thing, being constantly reminded that there are 24 months (less now) until I am 30!

Now turning 28 is no big thing really and its nothing to go on about, it does make you think back that it was 10 years since you hit 18. My 18th coincided with a black tie party where I worked at the time, MBNA Bank, which was held at the Chester Racecourse and included casually chatting to a 4 Star US General who was one of the big bosses at the time (and to any Villa fans out there you weren’t the first to refer to him simply as ‘The General’).

The last 10 years have been filled with different things, I went to College (more than once to do various courses), spent time working for a couple of interesting companies, graduated from University with a 2:1 and moved out of home (and then back again to save to buy).

I’m told that the next two years must be filled with ‘bucket list’ adventures as obviously once you hit that big three-zero then it must be too late…at any rate heres my 10 things, in no particular order.

  1. Take up archery
  2. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
  3. Learn to Suba dive (and maybe face my supposed fear of sharks)
  4. Get fit, do some sort of marathon
  5. Learn another language (more than ‘bonjour’, ‘oui’ and ‘un, deux, trios’)
  6. Pick up Photography lessons
  7. Visit Scotland and Ireland – they are right there and Ive not been so why not
  8. Buy a house
  9. Drive a car which turns heads (for the right reasons) even if its rented for the weekend
  10. Retire when I’m 30 (hmmm, this one may be tricky but you never know)

I will probably add / change some of these as we go along, I would like to put together a ’30 things before I’m 30′ list but thats being optimistic so for now its 10.

Not to rest on my heels I have already started with a beginners archery course last night.

First impressions were enjoyable, shooting a bare bow (thats a basic bow with no sight or any fancy bits) and getting used to drawing and shooting arrows. While getting some good groupings I did manage to clip the edge of the target at one point sending the arrow off down the field and into a bush, luckily it was easily found!

Thats all for now, if you have any ideas for my 24 month countdown list why not add a comment or tweet me @mynameschris